Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Women's History Month in the Media Center

        What an exciting month it has been in our media center. We are celebrating Women's History Month by researching and reading about famous women.  Every grade level has participated in creating some type of artifact or project for our Women's History Museum.

Kindergarten and 2nd graders have listened to stories about famous women and then built a scene from the book using Legos. Kindergartners then recorded themselves telling about the project while 2nd graders wrote about why the built their design.


First grade students listened to stories about famous women and then filled their silhouettes up with character trait words. (See pictures above.)

3rd graders created a Google Slide presentation or a riddle about their famous women.

4th graders talked about how sometimes when you tour a museum you don’t learn from just looking; you have to interact with it. They created “Scavenger Hunt” type questions using Google Forms, in order for you to be interactive with our museum. Here are two examples. 

5th graders researched a famous woman and then created an artifact for the museum about that woman. 

The students have learned a lot through this process and really love seeing their work on display.  

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