Thursday, March 15, 2018

Meteorology in the Media Center

       This year I wanted to continue to work with classroom teachers to help extend the lessons that they are doing in the classroom into the media center. When I do this I always try to incoporate research and technology into that area of the curriculum. Second and fifth graders are studying weather in the classroom. For this project we started out by researching weather, reading a book on weather forecasting, and watching meteorologists forecast weather. Wanting to give the students a hands on experience I emailed Van Denton, a local meteorologist from Fox8 WGHP, to see if I could use his weather maps. He was very gracious and said yes and even sent me a link to find more maps.

      Second grade students are using the website Voki to create their own forecasts while fifth grade students are going to be using green screen technology to actually produce live forecasts. The students are engaged and actively studying their maps so that they can give the most accurate forecasts. Second graders will be finishing up their Vokis tomorrow and next week. Fifth grade students will finish studying their maps and work on their forecasts over the next several weeks. I will share their final products here. 

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