Saturday, August 29, 2015

Essential Question

At the end of last year I realized that I was not connecting like I needed to with one of the major groups in my elementary school, the parents.  So this past summer I started planning and brainstorming how I could reach this group.  I wanted to help them see that the media center is there for them also and help give them tools to help their child(ren) develop a love of reading.  I am planning to hold quarterly afternoon reading events with parents and students. I am going to read a favorite book and then split the groups into reading stations.  I spoke with the public librarian and she is planning to come to one of the events also.  This would also be a great time to share a collection of online sites and activities that they can use to help their child at home. 

So my essential question for the class and this school year is: "How can I use digital tools to provide parents with resources they need to help their child with reading skills at home?"


  1. This is such an original essential question! There's so much talk about how school librarians are serving teachers and students that the parents often get forgotten. But especially at the elementary level, kids' parents really need to be involved in their lives to know how they can help improve their child's literacy skills! Tell use how your quarterly afternoon reading events turn out! This is a great example of a school librarian as a community partner and collaborator and advocate!

    1. Hey Megan,

      Thank you. I am excited to get started with the events. I have to talk with my principal to get the date set. It will be before the class is over though so I will share how it goes.