Sunday, August 30, 2015

What's happening in the Media Center

This week was orientation week  at my school for half of my classes. I was sharing how I wanted them to be active participants and the media center to be an interactive place for them. When I introduced two of my ideas the students were really excited about these additions this year.

My first new idea is an interactive bulletin board called, "Check out these "Tree"mendous Book?" After returning books they can write a short book trailer and post it on the board.

My next idea is called a "Did you know wall?" in the nonficition section. I explained it saying that when they read nonfiction books they sometimes learn new things that they really want to share. Well now they have a new place to do it.  One of my students already renamed it "The Thinking Wall." I love how they have taken ownership in this and we haven't even started it.

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