Monday, September 14, 2015

Digital Photography Exercise

         When I started this task immediately I thought of "Standard 1. School library media coordinators demonstrate leadership. Element c. School library media coordinators advocate for effective media programs." What better way to promote and advocate for your media center than by "visually showing" the community you represent what is happening in your media center.  The truth is, unfortunately, this is the only way some will ever see the inside workings of your program.  With this in mind, I decided to take the pictures with the statement, "What is new @your library?" as my guiding question.  I used Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  I found this was a wonderful way to share the "coming attractions" to get the students interested in what will be on our shelves next. Last year one of the final days of media classes I did a book tasting of the new books headed to our shelves in 2015-2016. I had a student come in and ask me about that book. That made realize the importance of promoting new books even if they are not ready for the shelves yet. The students eagerly wait and have something to look forward to. I have added a photo album page to my school's media page entitled coming attractions.  The students also know to head to our "Read Box" to find the new books once they are ready.
 Okay Sport's Fan, you told me what you wanted and I listened.  Just a glimpse of coming attractions at LCES media center.:
"Read Box"
I wanted parents to see that their child's voice is important to me. So I shared the two new incentives I started this year. The "Check out these "Tree"mendous books. " board. This board is going to be used as  a way for students to promote and share books that they think others would enjoy.
  Check out these "Tree"mendous Books
I aslo started the "Did You Know?" wall in the nonfiction section. The students can write down on a post it any interesting fact they learned from reading their nonfiction book. I can't wait to see what they learn this year.

          I was worried at first that the creations of these sites could lead to violating the school systems rules of not being friends with students on social media websites; however with these accounts you don't have to accept, follow, or friend anyone. You are only promoting your media program and that is acceptable.  


  1. Dear Angie,
    I really enjoyed viewing your photographs. Your enthusiasm shines through the photographs which are well done and very bright. I love the colors and if my son went to your school I would feel very satisfied that he would get the proper attention he needed from the wonderful library staff like yourself. All of the captions and comments that you left for your photographs were exciting and just what our youth need in order to get excited about literacy and grow as readers. Great job Angie, I am very impressed! :)

  2. Angie, you have really great ideas for how to get your students engaged in reading. The "Read box" and "Did you know?" wall really seemed like effective ways to get students to engage right on the spot! Your library looks like a really welcoming place for students to come and read together! Nice job!

  3. Thank you both. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I read your comments and had planned to respond but got interrupted and then forgot to go back to it.

    I have had a renew passion this year for getting my students excited about reading and trying to get ALL my kids involved. My "Did you Know" wall hasn't taken off like I want it to yet. I have a plan though that will hopefully make it successful. I want to engage the students and make them see that their opinions matter.