Monday, September 14, 2015

Photo Sharing in Libraries, Schools, and Information Organizations

Picking an account to do this analysis on was easy for me, not being biased is going to be hard.  I had the pleasure of hearing this person speak last year at the NCSLMA conference and started following his blog and Twitter feed the next day. His tweets are short but inspirational, funny, and a great way to promote  reading and the media program. His blogs go in detail about ways to promote books, things to do in your media center such as data collection - which can be a hard thing to get, and one of course, his week told in Vines.  I know some of my classmates are not school media specialist and might not be familiar with him, for my cohorts who are this is one Twitter account and blog you should follow.  John Schu@MrSchuReads. You will get a lot of great ideas.
          Mr. Schu is a speaker, teacher, and book advocate. Through his travels he has worked with a lot of authors and illustrators so a lot of his tweets are linked to other author's page. He promotes reading events that are happening around the country.  His post also range from things he has accomplished with his students, to conferences he participated in, and new and upcoming books. He uses book trailers often. His blog profile reads, "

About Mr. Schu

I am a K-5 teacher-librarian who works diligently to put the right book in every child's hand. Book trailers are one way to connect readers with books."
 Here is a quick example of a book trailer he made to promote the new book Marvel.:


  1. I had never actually thought about how Vine could also be used by libraries! It could be something as simple as filming while walking down an aisle, a book trailer, a feature, or it could be one of the more humorous, scripted styles. That's actually kind of brilliant!

  2. wow, his posts really do look inspirational. He appears quite dedicated to his students and their books. I've always wanted to try making book trailers with students. I wonder if he offers advice on how to do this?!

  3. Whitley and Megan,

    Mr. Shcu was the Saturday keynote speaker at last year's NCSLMA conference. I left feeling sooo inspired. He is brilliant. His love for reading is contagious and it shows in his blog. He posts book covers in the bathrooms in front of the urinals for boys and on the doors for girls. He has the most creative ideas. His mindset behind doing things like this is to promote reading everywhere.

    Book Trailers are fun to make. I have made a couple with my students. What I do is take a flip camera or a digital camera and just record them doing their trailer and then uploading it to the webpage. Now with this class and learning all these cool sites I plan on being more creative with the production of these trailers.