Friday, October 2, 2015

Augmented Reality

QR Codes  (The QR codes on this page have been deactivated due to the trial subscription ending.)

          When my district had an optional training on QR codes last year I didn't attend because I thought that since we weren't a bring your own device school yet it wouldn't really be an option for me.  Now I see it completely different.  QR codes could give patrons the answers they are looking for.  One thing that popped into my mind is when students are looking for certain books we could have a QR code set up to access Destiny so that they could scan and see if the book is in the media center or not. This would especially come in handy when our computers are being used by other patrons. It would save them time and help them become more independent users.
Scan here to access Destiny, our online catalog. 

          Now in an elementary media center a lot of "concerns" pop up. How to manage this without an assistant, how to make sure the device doesn't get place in some one's pocket, and what would be the best use of QR codes for our students; are just some of the questions that I have.  However, all of these problems can be solved.
            I see QR codes as being the first steps in learning about the augmented reality world. Instead of having a target picture that triggers an "aura" it is easier to just have a qr code. In some instances placing a QR code in a location would be easier also.

        When I first saw the clips on Augmented Reality I was like a kid at Christmas. What a new fun way to make the library interactive.  I started a "Did You Know?" board for the non-fiction section of my library and a "Check out these "Tree"mendous Books" in the fiction section. They are to post facts that they learned on sticky notes and share with friends. They could do a video clip to explain what they learned or introduce the book with the front of the book being the aura.
          When creating research projects they could download clips about their topic and create an interactive poster like was shown in the video on civil rights.  The students wouldn't complain about research ever again if they were able to create such projects. As an educator you are always looking for ways to engage your learner this would be one way to reach that goal.

          I am really considering purchasing a device for the media center itself so we could begin creating QR codes and Aurasmas.  I could collaborate with teachers to help create more meaningful projects and help the students truly become active participants in their research and learning. It would be money well spent.

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SMAR Model

        As an elementary media specialist the above graphic is essential in introducing new technology to the teachers at my school. If they only see it as a substitution they have a tendency to stick to what they are doing.  They don't want to go through the trouble of learning a new thing if what they are using works just as well.
        I have learned through many failed attempts at introducing new technology that often times it is the way an app or device is introduced that tends to sell it. With QR and Aurasma I don't want them to see it as another "PowerPoint" presentation, I want them to see it as a innovative tool that will help the students get excited about learning and discovering how to critically represent the information they learned. I could definitely see both QR and Aurasma falling into the Augmentation category if it was only used as a way to state facts that they have learned or to show a picture of something. However you can do so much more with these apps.
       The transformation level happens when you show them that they can create a project that can go up on the wall outside of their classroom that can be as interactive as a computer. You can help the "average book report" become a movie trailer for the book complete with music and video.
      The truth is that any new app can easily become simply "another piece of technology or the newest thing" and then fall by the wayside. It is our job to help create new and innovative ways to use this technology with our students.


  1. I guess it always helps if you're working in a one-to-one school where all kids are given an iPad. That way you know everyone can take advantage of these QR codes equally! I hope you get to purchase the device you need to begin creating QR codes!

    1. It would be so wonderful if we could give our kids iPads. We are in the process of looking at android type devices for our students. I am really hoping we will be able to purchase some.