Saturday, October 3, 2015

Interactive Poster

This project goes along great with my essential question of "How can I use digital tools to provide parents with resources they need to help their child with reading skills at home?"  This interactive poster gives them information about an afternoon reading session that will be offering ideas to use at home. At these afternoon sessions I will also be able to provide them links that they can use at home also via the curation collection. However I will have to switch which tool I used due to RCS will not let Pearltrees be used on school computers, thus making it hard to show them the links that I provided for them at these sessions. So I will be changing my curation collection to a Pinterest board.  

While Glogster would be my first choice in making this poster I wanted to branch out and try something different. The first one I started with was Canva. After working with it for a few minutes I realized that this would not be the one that I wanted to use because it was limited in what I could add. I wanted to add links and videos and with Canva I didn't see how that was possible. I stopped after creating the basic title and heading to explore more tools.  Click here to see the sample of my first attempt at the poster.

I moved to Smore hoping that this would provide what I was looking for. I had played with Smore a couple years ago at a staff development meeting but had forgot how fun and interactive it could be. I was able to be creative and add images, videos, text and a RSVP form to this newsletter. The format of the Smore made it easy to create exactly what I needed, a fun way to communicate a new event to my parents. It was divided into sections that helped let them know what we would be doing at these events and introduce the character and books that we would discussing. Some parents might never have heard of Pete the Cat before. With Smore I was happy I was able to embed a video of one of the books being read aloud. This will hopefully hook the parents into wanting to learn more about this character.  I wanted to embed one of Pete the Cat's songs but wasn't able to figure out how to do it the way I wanted. I wanted them to click on the picture of Pete the Cat and hear the song. However that was the only thing that I wasn't able to do. Being able to create different sections of the newsletter made it more appealing to look at and not as jumbled as some posters could be. I think this is very important in getting a message across to our parents.

I am using this poster to advocate for the importance of the media center in promoting reading. I want them to see the media center as a place that they can find a new favorite author, destination, or learn more about something that interests them.

Here is the link to my poster. When I tried to embed it the format got messed up. So I wanted to provide the link.


  1. This is a great Pete the Cat poster in Smore, Angie! I loved how you were able to incorporate the RSVP feature at the bottom! I think about the limitations our public library patrons have with technology and am saddened by the fact that these cool digital posters can't all the time be viewed by everyone, at least not the embeded video links.

    1. Access continues to be one of the main causes of the digital divide that separates our patrons. That is one of the great things about public libraries though, our patrons can have access to these sites at the libraries.