Saturday, October 17, 2015

Digital Storytelling Blog #1

I have to be honest, I see so many ways to go with this as my last blog stated, however I am going to focus on reaching parents with my Digital Storytelling. With this focus I need to start planning on which way to go with them. In essence using a digital story to reach my parents is one step in helping me reach the goal of my essential question which  is "How can I use digital tools to provide parents with resources they need to help their child with reading skills at home?"  Questions that I ponder, do I do a screenshot of the resources on the website and discuss what each website is? Do I take a picture of a kid reading and use that as my story image?  My goal is providing parents with resources that will help their child at home. So with that in mind maybe I should just have a conversations with the parents through my digital storytelling on the benefits of working on reading at home?  I could also use this as a way to introduce our first ever Family Afternoon Reading Session.  So many questions on how to begin.    So to start I have downloaded and printed the storyboard templates to start the brainstorming process.  Excited to see how this will turn out. 

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