Sunday, October 18, 2015

Digital Storytelling Blog #2: Work in Progress

After thinking more about the idea of reaching parents I thought a quote about the importance of reading might be the perfect thing to hook them.  I found a storyboard plan that I liked and used it to plan out my story. Here is what my plan looked like. (Please excuse the handwriting.)

After planning out my story I added the photo I found on Flickr to voice thread and then recorded my story.  I am worried that it doesn't sound like a story but more like a promotional tool for a new program.So I went back to the instructions to make sure that this was okay. I think it fits:
 ·         An introductory segment for a workshop or conference presentation that explores a topic, provides a rationale, or starts off a discussion.

I am posting it on my blog and look forward to Tuesday's class to get input about what I can do to improve it.  


  1. After listening to your various drafts of this presentation, I can definitely tell that you let your passion for parents needing to be involved in their kids' reading journey shine through in your final Voicethread! Great job revising! I'm curious if you've gotten a lot of turnout for this program. I hope so!

    1. I had about 30 parents and 45 kids. The media center was packed. It was so fun. On the evaluation forms they all asked me to do more of these afternoons.