Saturday, October 3, 2015

Planning the Poster

                     For this interactive poster I want to reach my parents to introduce the new family parent events that we will be having at our school this year. This is a new program that I created to reach out to the parents of our school. With this poster I want to let parents know what kinds of activities that we will be doing during our afternoon sessions and where and when they will occur.  The biggest thing that I want to do is convey the importance of coming to these events, I don't want them to just see it as another meeting at school. I want them to see it as a way to enjoy reading with their child(ren) and learning ways to work with their child. 
             For the format of the poster I will have it centered around the theme of the event. For the first event we will be centered around Pete the Cat. With this in mind I will have some pictures of Pete the Cat on the poster. I know if I use Glogster I could embed some video clips from the books or songs from the website.  I think since I am trying to reach parents I need to make it more of an informative poster and keep it simple. In the beginning stages I was planning to use a Thinglink and having the main image as the doors to the media center and then the "links" on the door to show some activities that we will be doing.  However I feel that I might lose some of my parents if I go that elaborate.  So I am going to stick with either Glogster, Smore, or Canva.

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