Saturday, November 7, 2015

App Smashing: The Beginning

        As I watched the videos and read the articles my techie brain went into overdrive and a single thought went through my head, "So many apps so little time." I could do so much with these. The students could have so much fun.  This project is going to be FUN!!!!  I have played around with some of the apps and I really look forward to exploring more.  I decided to create a video using Jing. Jing is really easy to use and share. I had used screen cast tools before but Jing has more features. One of the features that I thought was very useful is the image capture feature. This feature allows you to not only capture the image but also annotate as well. (See the example below.)

      Thinking ahead toward the App Smashing Project I decided to play around with two ideas. The first idea is offering a refresher video on how to put a book on hold using Destiny.  I created this video using Jing and then shared it in a folder in Google Drive so they will have access to it whenever they need it. I am also considering placing it on our web page under a "Instructional Videos for Teachers." Here is the first video that I did for the teachers.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

       The next video I am going to make is a video to demonstrate how to create a ThingLink.  I will be posting that soon.  


  1. great video! I did something like this using camtasia last year where I instructed teens on how to use a government career website that included a career self-assessment component.

    1. Thank you. That was a great instructional video for teens. I will have to look at camtasia to see the difference between it and Jing.