Saturday, November 7, 2015

Digital Storytelling with 4th Grade

        I love when I am able to use what I am learning in my Graduate classes with my students. When I was looking over the sample of digital stories I saw one that made me stop and say that would be perfect. It was a Digital Story about Texas. The fourth graders at my school are studying the state symbols and geography of North Carolina. I thought what better way to integrate myself into their curriculum. So we spent the last two weeks of media and one week in their flex lab time to create these projects. I am proud of the work that they did so I wanted to share them with you. I learned more about Voice Thread through this project.  When we finished it was 8 minutes long. I was afraid that would be too long for people. So I used the copy feature on Voice Thread and copied the Voice Thread and then created two digital stories by deleting the duplicate sides. I have posted it to the web page so that our students' parents can see what they are doing in media.

Here are the two Digital Stories. (It was only after I created this that I found out how to take my picture off as the speaker.)

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