Sunday, March 19, 2017

Women's History Makerspace Fun

           Last year the students created a Women's History Museum to celebrate the past accomplishments of various women. This year I wanted to not only celebrate women from the past but also women who are currently working in STEM type occupations. I felt this was a great way to share with the students, especially the girls, the many different type of jobs that are available in the STEM field and incorporate my makerspace. I gathered my materials and set about designing a month of activities that would hopefully inspire creativity and inquiry. 
          Using the materials that I had in my makerspace I came up with eight stations for students to explore through the month of March.   I created a hyperdoc for them to use to do their research and post their findings. 


           As soon as students walked in their eyes immediately went to the stations set up in the corner of the media center. I explained what we were going to do, assigned them groups, and they began their research. They learned about computer programmers, aviators, inventors, video game developers, engineers, and construction engineers.  As students finished their research they moved to the makerspace stations and the excitement grew as they tried to recreate the inventions or designs of their women. 

           At each station students were collaborating, problem solving, and creating products to represent their women. Here are some of the products that were created during the first week. 


             I am looking forward to watching the students discover and create over the next several weeks in our Women's History Makerspace. 

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